Central Statistical Organization


The Central Bureau of Statistics issued the annual statistics book for 2021-2022

This is the first book issued by Central Statistical Organization after its reactivation in Aden, August 2022.

Statistical Yearbook 2021-2022

 Statistical Training Center

The Statistical Training Center is responsible within the statistical system, represented by the organization and the statistical units it supervises – for implementing and following up on practical training procedures, and in full…

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Sustainable Development

The Department of Sustainable Development established in Central Statistics Organization in Aden in September 2021, then continued as a general administration in 2022 after activating the office of CSO in Aden. This update…

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National Strategy

National Strategy Central Organization of Statistics first strategy  is considered a roadmap of capacity building and statistical activity. It also focuses on the most important pillars of leading official statistical work in the…

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Interactive Portal

Interactive maps provide an interesting experience in displaying data and statistical indicators based on geographical location using graphical shapes and the most important maps provided by the interactive portal are the population projection…

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Monthly Price Indicators

Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Indicators

Labor Force  

Labor Force Indicators

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Health Indicators


Nutrition Child Indicators


Household Indicators